When was the last time your bank balance went up BETWEEN pay days?

Join me and watch how cash flows into your bank account '' between pay days '' or you get your money back

Dear fellow trader,

Take a look at this bank statement.

At first glance, you may not notice anything unusual.
Just the usual transactions:
Salary coming in… Expenses like rent, school fees, cell phone contracts and the like going out… Day-to-day living costs like food and healthcare draining what’s left.
Nothing out of the ordinary, right?
Take a look at it again.

Do you see the transactions I’ve highlighted in yellow?
They reflect actual money – R6,520.50 to be exact – COMING IN to one of my member’s bank accounts! 
It represents money that made his bank balance increase BETWEEN pay days – instead of just fall.  
Money he can spend on anything he pleases. A date night with his wife… New school shoes for little Joe… A new titanium 3 wood golf club… Or he can simply leave it in his account and enjoy the additional interest it brings in.
Great, right?
Today, I want to show you how you can get your hands on these mid-month pay days too.

Set this up right now…
And your bank balance could start increasing within the next few days


I’m Timon Rossolimos. Head of the trading desk here at FSPInvest.co.za.
Today, I want to show you just how easy it is to add money to your bank account between pay days.
Through CFD trading.
If those three letters put you off, please stay with me for just another minute. I promise it’ll be worth it!
Because this isn’t about some hard trading strategy that will take you years to wrap your head around, let alone apply. Nor is it about some complicated software programme that you need a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics to use. 
This is about having a cell phone, an email address and the ability to listen out for your cell phone’s SMS tone.
That’s it.
Because with my Red Hot STORM trader service, that’s all you need to be ready for action.
When I spot a mid-month pay day like the ones I’ve shown you, I’ll send you a very simple SMS.
Read it and follow my instructions to the letter.
That’s all.
When your pay-out is ready for the taking, your cell phone will beep again.
Once again, all you need to do is act on the SMS instructions I send.
And voilá, a mid-month pay day will land in your lap.
Look at what I mean:
 I sent this exact SMS:

In less than a week, I sent another:

If, like the guy whose bank statement I showed you earlier you’d placed R5,000 into this trade, you too would have been sitting with an extra R3,077.00 in your bank account that day.
And don’t worry if at first my SMSs sound like Greek, you’ll get the hang of this pretty soon. (I’ll also send you a short email that explains what you need to do in more detail as a follow-up to every SMS just in case.)
It really is that easy to make regular cash from trading the market…
Without stress, complicated programs, impossibly advanced trading system or the need to constantly watch and wait for the markets to do what you want them to!

Did you ever think trading the market – and making MONEY from
it on a regular basis – could be this easy?

I bet you didn’t.
Neither did J. Borthwick. He says: “The advice [is] simply amazing. To date [I] have doubled my stake.”
Or Bongani Zwane: “Your tips allow one to trade without having to research!”
Then there’s Mario: “I just made R2,800 in 2 days on your recommendation. Bravo!!!! Send me more tips!!!”
And Pieter: “The tips work! And the rush you get when it goes the right way is exhilarating.”
And when you see how many mid-month pay days they’ve had in less than four months, it’s easy to see why they love being part of Red Hot STORM Trader


Take a look at those payments again.
Do you realise that even WITH the two losses made, my followers still would have made 61.61% gains in mid-month pay days in less than four months.
And all without studying a single chart… Agonising over market movements on their computer screens… Or doing more than acting on my SMS tips. 
So how do you get in on this action?
Let me tell you…

If you have a cell phone…
An email address…
And like the thought of making money – easily and regularly – while trading the market…
Then this is for you!

Today, I’m offering you the chance to join my Red Hot STORM Trader SMS and email service.
Apply today and I guarantee you’ll soon receive regular mid-month pay days just like J, Mario and Pieter do.
The only thing you need is your cell phone, switched on and charged up.
And don’t worry if you’ve never tried your hand at trading before.
You don’t have to have any experience of, or interest in, trading to join my Red Hot STORM Trader service.
That’s right – with my tip-offs, YOU can have regular mid-month pay days.
How can I be so sure?
Well, as a professional trader with more than a decade of successful trading history behind me, I’ve made it my job to make trading as simple (and successful) as possible.
Every day, I scour the markets looking for profitable trading opportunities. And after 13+ years in this game, my STORM trading strategy spots them almost instantly. (You really don’t need to understand how I do this but, if you’re curious, I’ll send you a free report that shows you my secret. More about that in a minute.)
Then I send you a SMS and email telling you to put your money on this trade straight away.
When it reaches the right pay-out, you’ll get another message telling you to get out. (And, if the trade doesn’t go our way, I apply a strict “get out” policy to make sure you don’t lose any more money than you have to.
In fact, those who’ve trusted me to do this for them have banked money on 62.5% winning trades on average over the last three years.

Take a look at the track record itself...

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel when my SMSs start arriving on your phone... Imagine what will feel like when each “beep” tells you I’ve spotted another mid-month pay day opportunity you can exploit to make a nice satisfying profit!
It’s really that easy!

  Yes! Show me how to get mid-month pay days!

And the best part about this is that:

You’ll get at least one mid-month pay day every month!


These mid-month pay days don’t just arrive once in a blue moon.
As you can see from the bank statement above, they enter your account throughout the month.
And based on my recent track record, you can look forward to a new one every ten days or so.
Believe me, collecting this extra cash is an amazing feeling.
When you get your first pay-out – which could be as soon as next week – you’ll know exactly what I mean.
And as you can imagine, over time these extra pay-outs can have a massive impact on your finances...
There’s also no stress involved, no complicated computer programs to load up, no advanced analysis to get your head round.
Most importantly, there’s no need to be constantly watching and waiting for the markets to do what you want them to...
We’re talking about a maximum of ten minutes of your spare time a week.
That’s the only time you’ll need to spend on this.
Easy, right?
But I must warn you. 

If you want ‘in’ on my mid-month pay days, you’d better act FAST!

Things don’t stand still on the stock market.
And they don’t stand still in life either.
That’s why you need to know that I’ve opened up 74 spots for new members to join my Red Hot STORM Trader service.
They’re open until the end of the week or they run out – whichever happens first.
Once one of these triggers hits, the doors on this opportunity will SLAM SHUT!
And you’ll be left counting the days until your salary replenishes your account instead of getting regularly pay-outs no matter what time of the month it is.

  Yes! Show me how to get mid-month pay days!

Join now and get access to my FREE trading library:

Along with the chance to receive regular mid-month pay days, you’ll also receive my special guide, Red Hot STORM Traders Secrets of Successful Trading so you can immediately double your opportunity to make money in today’s market.
This guide will be a great aid to your trading – whether you choose to continue your subscription or not. And being a gift, it's yours to keep no matter what you decide.
And that’s not all.
Join me today and you’ll also get:
·         Red Hot Storm Trader Quick Start Guide:
In this quick, easy guide, I outline all the steps you’ll need to take to start profiting right now.
·         Limit Your Risk Calculator:
My unique Limit Your Risk Calculator will help you set a sensible stop loss and size your trade position – so you always stand to make more than you lose.
·         Red Hot Storm Trader’s Best Brokers Black Book:
If you’re looking for an Internet or ‘live’ broker to give you the level of service you need at a good price – check out this report.
That’s R3,500 just in FREE reports and calculators. But that’s still not all the wealth building potential you get. You’ll also have access to:
·         FREE Members Only Online Trading Webinars: As a special bonus for new Red Hot STORM Trader members, I host an action-packed online trading webinar at least once a quarter that you can attend FREE of charge.
At these live online webinars, (they’re online so you can attend them no matter where you are in SA), you’ll learn the little-known master strategies and tricks of the trade for winning regularly and winning BIG.
I’ll also reveal my up-to-the-minute insights and analysis on what’s happening in the markets – and the impact these events may have on our trades. And you’ll even get the opportunity to ask me any trading questions you have – Live.
Each LIVE WEBINAR has a value of at least R2,000.
In total, a year of Red Hot STORM Trader comes to a R5,500 market value for my mid-month pay day profit alerts and weekly wrap-ups.
Add in R3,500 in free reports... And the market value of a full year’s access to my mid-month pay day opportunities jumps to R9,000.
And that doesn’t even cover my bi-annual live webinars…
Add in another R2,000 for that and the full value of Red Hot STORM Trader is closer to R11,000.
But you see, I want as many people as possible to see their bank accounts increase between pay days.
That’s why I’ve negotiated with my publisher to cut the cost of my service dramatically - to just R3,700 for a full year of my trading services.
That’s just R925 per quarter.
Just R925 every three months to get your hands on mid-month pay days that could add extra cash to your bank account week after week.

  Yes! Show me how to get mid-month pay days!

But I don’t expect you to just take my word for any of this.

Sign up for a risk-free three month subscription and if your bank account
doesn’t receive regular mid-month pay days,
you don’t owe me a cent

I’m convinced you could soon be raking in regular mid-month pay days that you can take full advantage of my bulletins, SMSs and trading tips for the next three months – without there being any risk to you. (In fact, if you’re nervous, why not monitor my tips and see how they fare, without actually investing any money?)
If you find that Red Hot STORM Trader doesn’t pay for itself within the first three months of your subscription, simply tell me know and I’ll send you your full subscription refund.
No questions, no quibbles.
(If you cancel any time after that, you’ll receive a full, pro-rata refund for all months remaining on your subscription.)
And remember, if you act before those 74 new members spots disappear, you lock in my special quarterly subscription fee of just R925 per quarter. No more, no less.
That’s a 66% discount off the estimated total value for a full year.

This could change your life!
And it all starts with my next SMS

This could be your ONE and ONLY chance to lock in mid-month pay days this year.

Don’t let this one chance slip by.

Act now!
Join Red Hot STORM trader today.
And always remember, “Wisdom yields wealth”.

Timon Rossolimos
Head Analyst:  Red Hot Storm Trader

PS: Stay close to your cell phone!
My next mid-month pay day SMS alert could hit your cell phone as early as tomorrow morning. 

Don’t miss it… Your opportunity to bank mid-month pay days starts now!

  Yes! Show me how to get mid-month pay days!

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